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Moving along with PHP

I’ve got a sense now of how the various php elements of my blog site come together for the dynamic content on this main page. I’ve also added most of my content to the supporting pages of my site and I’m pretty happy with how things are shaping up. I will say that wordpress sometimes loads slowly; has anyone else noticed this? Be that as it may, it’s not detracting from the ease and versatility I’ve noticed thus far.

The next tasks are clear to me, but their solutions are a little less obvious:

  1. Find a reliable (and aesthetically pleasing) widget/gadget thing for linking my social media. I’d like this to be a static element at the bottom of the page, similar to James’s “Share and Enjoy” widget after his main content.
  2. Figure out how to put a “blog hook” into sub-pages in the site, so they can function as a blog. I’m guessing I could do this through wp categories, but will have to experiment some more.
  3. Find a good, open source contact form box to add to my contact page. This shouldn’t be hard to locate, but I will need to take the time to sift through all the crappies.
  4. Finally, figure out how to edit my wordpress avatar (I must be staring right at it but can’t find it anywhere), and come up with the correct php code strain in my comments.php to allow my avatar to display, as well as anyone else’s avatar (if their logged in) or a default avatar (for anonymous/logged out posts). I’ve wasted two hours today trying to find out where this is in wordpress with no luck.

So, that’s the current quest count. I’ll take a break in a few minutes here, to get some more work done on my documentary project. I’m sure I’ll post more about that once I get my blog categories/sub-page hooks squared away. 🙂

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