Realms of Lakoria Update

For those who don’t know, I run “Realms of Lakoria,” a PBP (that’s, “play-by-post”) online RPG set in a campaign world that I wrote. Currently, there are five players (used to be seven until last week), and we have been running the game for nearly a year. I find it quite enjoyable, not to mention that I get to practice writing in various media–not just setting and description, but dialog, action, and sequence. I think the players enjoy it as well.

The group is nearing the end of a pretty epic quest in which a neighboring realm is at war with the realm of men, and they are sent to discover the cause of the conflict. Along the way, they unwittingly uncover a number of prophecies and obstacles that alter the linearity of their duties and skew the intent of the inhabitants of various realms. With this quest, the PCs expand their own skills as well as open the map to more explorable areas.

Once we’re done with this quest (we’re nearly at the end), it will be interesting to see where the characters wish to go. They will be open to a number of completely unexplored settings, not to mention that their travel to this area of the map brought them by a number of inhabited areas that might be fun to return to.

My favorite part of this quest thus far has been the travel leading up to this final area. As much as online game-play makes Old School D&D travel arduous and somewhat anti-climactic, I think that once the PCs make it to this final area of the quest that the stretched out timeline will add to the dramatic effect of the end of this story arc.

Ultimately, I think the finish of this quest will also inject a new life into the forward momentum of the group, so I hope their next jaunt into the unknown will be into a stereotypical dungeon crawl. It will be a nice transition.

By Ruadhán

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