The Lost Keys of Solitude

So, I added a few portions of the back story for this character, “The Anyman,” from my short-lived Marvel Superheroes game, but since I doubt people are going to take the time to read it, I’d have to specify it is for my own posterity. So, moving on. . . .

Tonight is open gaming night, hosted by my comic book store. I’m kind of unsure what I will plan on playing, but I think I’ve decided to bring along a D&D 4e character with me, though I’ll most likely find a fantasy flight board game like Battlestar Galactica to play, since tabletop groups are usually more insulated from sit-ins. Still, I’ll go prepared.

Paul told me that the fighter class “is better than it looks,” and that he “would avoid making a warlock or paladin – they look cool, but are actually pretty weak when it comes down to it.” So, this is advice I will heed when I begin rolling this character. So, more geekdom will ensue when I get a few moments to put some time into this character and post the results.

Soon I will also post info regarding the progress of the tattoo I am planning to get. That’s it for now, I suppose.

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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