The Temple of Uskban Lake

Right now, my players in Realms of Lakoria have nearly finished marching throughout the major portion of the map in this temple at the edge of the lake in the wastelands, but have not yet discovered where their antagonists, one “Auriticomous,” has prattled off to. They’ve encountered a few foes in the general area, but all of the PCs and most of the NPCs have managed to stay alive.

The main goal will be to find their antagonist and uncover the puzzle I have waiting for them in the depths of this place. This is coupled with a rich origin story for orc-kind, which I hope will add a bit of drama and political intrigue for the players themselves. The temple is the final stage of a major quest arc that started just before the winter holiday season, and has been the setting through two different momentum shifts in posting, and through losing two of the players in the group. I’m hoping that the action at the end of this quest will regenerate some life into the PBP.

Now that I have this and three other story arcs written, I will dedicate some of my time to delving into a few of the other RPGs I have collected over the past few months. Specifically, I want to spend some time with the HarnWorld stuff that my friend Paul gave me for my birthday this past July. Also, I would like to host a column where I create Traveller characters using the old books and supplements.

The Dragon Warriors game I was playing, run by my friend Paul, is currently on hiatus due to lack of motivation. I hope it starts up again soon. I enjoyed playing my character in that setting, Taebryn, who was a foreign northerner in the major world setting, Ellesland, a barbarian with a quirky temper and a penchant for whoring, drink, and song. Certainly a cliche chaotic good adventurer-type, he is quite enjoyable for crafting dialog. I hope to return to him soon.

In the meltdown of other PBPs, I lost one of the most promising games I was a part of, Marvel Heroes, which barely got off the ground. I did, however, create a pretty awesome character that developed somewhat on his own. His back story is quite in depth, and I would like to continue writing his saga. I will post his Genesis stories here, as well as expand his history with a bit of creative writing.

All in all, I’m down to only one PBP right now, and that’s the one I’m running. So here is me sinking what I can into that activity and hoping that the players will find their own inspiration to expand their characters through some inventive dialog and engaged action sequences.

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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