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WordPress vs. Blogspot FIGHT!

So, I developed this website for myself a short time ago as a central location for blogging and personal info/projects since I hadn’t been posting here. One of the main reasons I got that blogspot blog way back when was in the hopes that I could get more feedback from people on what I wrote. I had previously used livejournal (since 2006) but became disillusioned with the whole interface. But I would post this and that to blogger from my phone, and then delete it, since it seemed like no one was reading it. I do like the blogspot interface, and think there’s a lot of potential for hypertextuality there, but in the long run it became pointless for me to post. The cynical man in me would often reach that “fuck it” point, and delete what I was writing (or in some cases what I had already published).

Right, then there’s this website; I developed it using WordPress as a CMS. It’s been working out great so far. I turned it into a chronicle-like atmosphere–a resume of sorts–where I could compile my projects and flights of fancy at the same time. Still, the blog portion of the site lends itself to conversational posts where I still wish to see people comment and generate a dialog. This is yet another issue (or perhaps the same one all over again), since, well, hardly anyone visits my website. So, I’m back to where I was with the blogger page, hoping that people drop by, take the time to read, and have something to say about my posts.

Originally, when leaving livejournal, I thought that posting about my opinions would generate conversation, but it seemed that people had nothing to say about what was apparently me “running my mouth,” so to speak. So, I thought, people will respond to my more intellectual musings, reviews, and the like. Wrong again. I dropped that duality in favor of a more stream-of-consciousness type of posting–that which is relevant and interesting to me will receive its due word. I’m hoping that can continue to garner visitors, since I’m beginning finally to find a groove with which I can regularly post without immediately destroying what I have written due to some sense of web log ennui.

Now that I’ve completed this website and used it for a short while, I went back to the blogspot page with the intent to delete it, only to find myself not wanting to disconnect from that community, as funny as that sounds. Instead, I seem to want to keep that blog as an analog for my website. Why? What possible purpose would I need to duplicate the information from here to there and there to here? I have no wish to censor my posts between there and here, or divide my topics (work/school, something like that). I will write about what I will write about. Is there any benefit to keeping both?

It ultimately forces me to conclude that I must delete either the blogspot or my website in favor of expediency and common sense. So, which is better: WordPress or Blogger?

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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Well, I don’t read your blogger thing, so here. Make it all happen here. This is a much nicer layout (in my opinion).

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