Jolly Roger

Vomito Negro’s new album Skull & Bones arrived last week, and I’ve been jamming out ever since. The music is simple but artfully programmed and mastered, and the second remakes disc is equally as impressive. As far as EBM goes, it’s certainly dance-able music, but it is definitely old school EBM to the core.

Vomito Negro has been putting out quality music since the early ’80s. It’s nice to hear an in-your-face Dark EBM that has a full, powerful sound and compelling analog basslines as opposed to the usual distorted vocals and minor second riffs. Don’t get me wrong, I love terror EBM–Hocico, for example is one of my favorite bands–but it’s a nice contrast to hear an electronic group doing something different, and doing it well. Some of the lyrics are downright confusing to me, but Gin spends a lot of time talking about power struggles, and that’s something that I always like to discuss myself. Beyond that, there are some songs that sound so eternally epic, wide open intervals, full basslines, ominous strings, and direct vocals, that it’s enough to make you want to crank the volume up. Definitely a well-done album.

If you’re looking for a simple and good album that boasts a well-mastered, new take on old-school EBM, updating the genre for the current times, look no further than Skull & Bones.

By Ruadhán

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