Eldritch Blast, Eldritch Blast, Eldritch Blast

Meet Mevek Kell, my level 23 Tiefling Warlock, shaper of the planes, harbinger of fire…. Eldritch blaster?

D&D4e. No matter what the encounter, it seemed like the best defense was always a good offense. And I do mean always. That is: Shoot first, ask questions later. The game seemed very combat-heavy to me. I was blasting people left and right AT WILL with no real limitations other than my turn in the encounter. That type of video-game style throw down made it difficult for me to play a character that did not want to fight unless absolutely provoked. I found myself saying, “Fuck it; ELDRITCH BLAST,” quite a lot.

phbI enjoyed 4e for a time, but playing the game reinforced in me a real desire for a solid old school game again, from days gone by. It was difficult to become immersed in the role in 4e for me; there the story took precedence, the adventure took the front seat, and my character was simply enacting the outcome of whatever quest needed completing. I mean, I made it to level 23, and I feel just as invested in this character as I did when I created the guy. Where’s the personal development? What was I doing wrong here? My DM?

Let me hear your thoughts. If you’ve played 4e, have you played the published modules? If so, describe your experience as a player, and your connection to the “Role” in this RPG. Where does the emphasis fall? General thoughts? Questions for me?

By Ruadhán

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