I Miss DragonWarriors

THE LANDS OF LEGEND. You know you love it. A bleak, dangerous world full of wondrous fiends and underdog heroes. Where the adventure is palpable, the mist creates its own shadows, and a string bean named Gardener Jack haunts your dreams.

I certainly did not relish the PBP atmosphere, but even in that I thought that Dragon Warriors was one of the best games I have played in the past few years. I’m sure it was a number of factors, including who I played with, and my own attachment to my character, but I still think that the game lends itself to a very memorable fantasy.

51c1aeHyA+L._SL500_AA300_I’m reading through some of the adventures this afternoon and laughing. This is good stuff. My character’s name was Taebryn Kayatlaen, born of a Thulish mother and a Mercanian father, the young warrior grew up in his mother’s homeland–A Thulander–before wandering to the mainland to seek fame and fortune. The game chargen lends itself to a simple yet immersive background. If you have any favorite memories from that game, comment here. If not, you should login to your old account at the forum and read through our adventures.

By Ruadhán

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