World Flutelore and Recent Folklore Interests

Dale_Olsen_CoverA recent project I had the opportunity to participate in was Dale Olsen’s World Flutelore book. As an assistant to his research, I (with a number of other scholars/assistants) helped him compile flute lore from around the world. My major contribution beyond editing was a collection of Native American myths and legends surrounding flute, performance, and sacred life.

In all, the book contains stories, descriptions, and interpretations of many examples of flutes as they are found in mythology, poetry, lyrics, and other narrative and literary sources from around the world. Olsen sought to determine in the volume what is singularly distinct or unique about flutes, flute playing, and flute players in a global context. In the book he addresses how and why world flutes are important for personal, communal, religious, spiritual, and secular expression.

My friend and colleague, Damascus Kafumbe, and I are in the planning stages of a Ugandan Folklore Project, cataloging, collecting, and interpreting folk songs from around the country and surrounding areas. Check out my blog in the near future for information on this developing project!

By Ruadhán

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