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An Updated World Music Website for Michael Bakan’s Textbook

I was commissioned to put together a WordPress site for Michael Bakan’s textbook, World Music: Traditions and Transformations. The original site I threw together for Dr. Bakan was designed with a look and feel similar to his first edition textbook, but it was really fashioned as a “FSU colors” scheme that was not necessarily linked just to the textbook specifically. The site was more of a simple, professional biography. Over time we’ve added a few sections to the site that highlight the textbook and offer resource links in addition to what is offered on the McGraw-Hill publisher’s website.

Now that the second edition of the textbook is nearly out, and due to the fact that we’ve worked a great deal to modify the web course to be geared toward that second edition, I’ve updated the basic color scheme of Dr. Bakan’s site, as well as added several features for resources that can be utilized for both learners and educators.


The site has numerous additional features worth checking out, and it’s proudly powered by WordPress!

By Ruadhán

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