Hiking Grays Peak on the First Day of Summer

Grays Peak is the highest summit in the southern front range of the Rockies. Standing at 14,278 ft. above sea level, it is also the tenth-tallest fourteener in Colorado. When Adam and I set out to reach the summit on the first day of summer in 2004, we had hoped for good weather, but a snow storm rolled in and ended up chasing us off the mountain prematurely. It was a beautiful and exciting (and cold) hike, but the vistas near the summit were obscured due to the fact that the entire top of the mountain was blanketed in dense snow clouds.

In the middle of it all I managed to get a few fun pictures of Grays Peak living up to its name. It was so difficult to see that day that I don’t think I actually made it to the summit. Adam claims to have pushed on and found it, but our visibility was so poor that we’re not entirely sure.

The snowfall is so acute at that altitude. We met another hiker from NY named John, who joined us for part of the trip and we all commiserated over the harsh weather conditions. What’s great in the pictures is that his bright red jacket provides a great background on which to see the heavy snowfall.

Despite the weather, I really enjoyed this hike. Still, I would love to go back someday with clear skies and get a chance to see the view from the summit. Enjoy some of the pictures!

By Ruadhán

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