Hiking Mt. Bierstadt and the Sawtooth Toward Mt. Evans

A fairly easy, but nonetheless breathtaking fourteener to hike is Mt. Bierstadt. When Adam and I hiked it in June 2004, the weather was incredible and the views made me feel like I was in another universe, disconnected with Earth and my usual surroundings. Everything seems surreal at and near the summit, as if the experience of my surroundings were somehow larger than I could have imagined them to be.

The neighboring peak of Mt. Evans connects to Bierstadt via a jagged stretch of rock known colloquially as the “Sawtooth” Ridge. Mt. Bierstadt stands at 14,065 ft. above sea level, while Evans rises to 14,265 ft. Bierstadt is the closest fourteener to the city of Denver. It was so clear the day we reached the summit that we were able to see Pikes Peak in the distance, as well as an enormous stretch of the Rockies. We could see in every direction for hundreds of miles.

If I get the chance, I definitely want to head back here. I tried to capture some of these amazing vistas with my camera!

By Ruadhán

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