Hiking to the Saddle and Summit of Mt. Democrat

A highlight of the Mosquito Range of the Rockies is Mt. Democrat. The trailhead is near the saddle and is accessible by vehicle (though I recommend a vehicle that can withstand bumps and has a good deal of climbing power; my Geo Prism struggled and nearly didn’t make it). There is also camping allowed at the trailhead, so Adam and I drove up and camped the night at just above tree line before heading out early in the morning.

The views were incredible. Clear skies after the break of morning (though still very brisk) made for a quick trek to the saddle and then onto the summit. There was a point near the summit where the incline was nearly vertical up a snow-covered sheet of ice. That was interesting, and a great deal of fun. On the way down we “slid” down the ice. But the views were spectacular, as if from a plane or a balloon floating above the earth.

Check out some of the pictures I grabbed while up there in the sky.

By Ruadhán

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