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Photo 1It looks like I’ll be able to be a part of my friend Paul’s tabletop game, titled The Demon Verge. I haven’t had a chance to roll some dice in a while, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity. To get in the right mood for the campaign, I decided to take up Paul’s suggestion to fill out a vintage-style character sheet with the character I rolled yesterday. I downloaded the PDF from the Mad Irishman site and decided I could quickly make that into a fillable form. So I did. You can check it out here: Fillable_Basic_Char_Sheet

As far as I know it’s usable in-browser, but it might be easier to download and work with in Acrobat. Let me know if you get any use out of it, or if I can improve on it in any way.

I was also inspired to create my own religion for my newly-rolled cleric (even though it’s likely my character will soon die, but hey, why not?). The religion is a spin off the cults mentioned by Paul for his campaign. Essentially, my character belongs to a cult known as “The Order of Kalseru” which is a syncretic religion that borrows many elements from the predominant faith of the land.

Aelaran_Holy_SymbolThe essential premise of this Order is that the deity of the “Axiom” faith could no longer maintain order of law in the universe and that “Kalseru,” a wise, ruthless, and ancient deity rose up from beneath the underworld (like one level below) and devoured the Axiomite god, restoring his place as the true embodiment of order. Thus, Kalseru is seen by its followers as literal order. Sometimes depicted as three winding serpents joined at the tail, other times as a great beast with tentacles, Kalseru always has appendages that wind out into a prismatic triangle pattern–hence the triangle at the center of The Order’s Holy Symbol. Some in The Order believe the Holy Verses to be literal truths, while others believe  they are figurative lessons, but all among the order believe in Kalseru as the true embodiment of Law and as the devourer of the Iconess.

So, of course, I’m borrowing from a few actual faiths, as well as tipping my hat to the Cthulhu mythos, but I think as a basic skeleton for a faith it could be fun. I’m sure I will enjoy exploring the narrative that Paul has come up with and my cleric character, “Aelaran the Resilient,” should be fun to play. At any rate, I’m looking forward to some Red Box gaming.

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