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While working on my game (which is very close to beta status; how exciting!), I have been catching up on various ambient music projects and I found one that stuck out to me more than others thus far. The 2012 album [9980] by Connect.Ohm is a collaborative work from the musical encounter between composers Hidetoshi Koizumi (aka Hybrid Leisureland) and Alexandre Scheffer (aka Cell). The artists are (respectively) based in Tokyo and in Paris. The combination of sounds and textures in the album are beautiful, amazing, and thought-provoking.


For me, the album evokes a wide aural space of contemplation, encapsulating the possibilities of technology and the technological world through culturally-relevant imagery. There’s a rich, deep-listening experience here; whether focusing specifically on the sounds themselves or allowing the sounds to wash over you while working on other thought exercises. If you’re interested in ambient music, definitely give this album a serious listen It’s available on YouTube, but if you’re hip to helping artists by donating to their projects, head over to the Ultimae website and find the album there as well.

For me, it’s back to work! Keep checking out Augur’s Lore for details on the upcoming beta.

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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