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Brandishing an Exciting New Design

Thanks to amazing design tips and content consultation from the incredibly talented Jaime Hammack, we’ve pulled together a new design for my site. I chose the Arcade Basic theme as a template and we developed a design from there. I’ve put in several hours of work organizing and re-organizing my content. My goal with the new site overhaul was two-fold: utility and sustainability. I wanted the entire site to work around the utility of my blog, and the categories that are a major part of my research outlets.

Previously I had done a minor site update from my earlier theme based on Good Bones to a clean but basic child theme of twentyfourteen. The site had more utility than my Good Bones look and feel, but ultimately there was not enough dynamic hypertextuality linking the various disparate parts of the site to the actual content that I add both within the site and in my social media off-site.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.33.10 AM

I liked how I had organized the links, but the content still seemed cut off from the rest of the site. With this new design, everything is geared around the content, and recategorized to maximize the utility of my research areas both here and in other social media outlets. I also established my meta-field as “Ethnomediology,” a concept I hope to continually develop throughout the year and beyond.


I’m still finalizing some areas of the site and adding content, but I hope you can see the improvements that we’ve brought. I’m extremely excited about this recent development, and eager to see how the site’s utility and sustainability can be maximized.

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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Bret! Beautiful design and feel! Love what you and Jaime have done! Looking forward to the site’s development and more on ethnomediology and your work! Keep groovin’!!

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