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No Man’s Sky Looks Incredible

After Sean Murray’s presentation at E3 2015, I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming game No Man’s Sky. This game looks to be one of the most amazing and influential open-world exploration and adventure games ever to exist in video game format. A nearly infinite number of choices with billions of stars in the galaxy, each one of them containing explorable points of interest with mineable resources, lifeforms, and alien technologies promises to be profound not only for the artwork and design of the game (which is awesome), but for the simple fact that the procedural scope of the game has not been fully imagined. No one knows what the future will hold for the game, because it will be created by the players and what they choose to do.


Just… yes. And here’s a closer look with Sean navigating the gamepad in real time.


And the news that this game will release on PC and PS4 at the same time has me even more excited. Keep up the amazing work, Hello Games, and I am so looking forward to exploring the universe with you. Cheers!


By Ruadhán

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