Bitchuka Black Mambo: Best World Music Album of 2015

I’m so pleased. Frank just told me that a recording project we did with some friends a while back was voted by DJs and listeners of Tallahassee’s FM station WVFS-89 (“V-89”) as “Best World Music Album of 2015.” It’s thrilling news, especially knowing that our project has been getting radio play back in Tanzania as well. I’m happy to have been a part of the project. It was a lot of fun, and wonderfully engineered.


I remember sitting over at Frank’s with Bitchuka and Jamwaka just playing around with loads of different song ideas https://vaigeneric.c... And merging those with Damascus’s music, it all morphed into something really special and, I think, unique. Check it out on Dataone’s Bandcamp.

By Ruadhán

Ethnomediologist, writer, digital creator, & gamer. Author & developer of Augur's Lore TTRPGs. Polyhedral dice & pizza enthusiast. Pronouns: they/them/their

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Thanks so much! It was a ton of fun, and really cool that it got the upvote for 2015.

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