About Me

My name is Bret Ruadhán Woods and I go by Ruadhán. I am an ethnomusicologist, mediologistdigital creator, and genre theorist. My research interests are locally interdisciplinary, but all orbit around the existence of social interaction. I explore music, media, and narrative through the lenses of anthropology, social ontology and social genre theory. My main areas of focus are digital media studies, performance and dissemination (through community, archives, and technology), and Irish traditional music.

The core of my scholarship is dialogue. Most of my work follows a Bakhtinian dialogic philosophy (or is at least inspired by these philosophies). Bakhtin wrote, “Truth is not born nor is it found inside the head of an individual person; it is born between people collectively searching for [their] truth, in the process of their [own] dialogic interaction” (Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics, p. 110). I think that’s pretty inspirational.

My other research/life interests include (but are not limited to): fiction and fiction theory, gaming and game theory, RPGs, films and film theory, folklore, performance identity, archival theory, queer theory, and music festivals. I also like to stay current with new digital technologies trends, advances in web development, and other types of social interaction mediated through machines.

A photo of Ruadhán and their partner, Jaime, hugging in a kitchen
A photo of Ruadhán and their partner Jaime, traveling by car

I love life, and I love sharing it with my partner, Jaime. I work hard, I like to travel, I like meeting people, I play Irish traditional tunes, I listen to underground music, I like taking pictures of things, I enjoy computer technology, I read comics, and I like games. I very much love films and film studies. I love food and what people all over the world do with it. I like fermentation; I am an avid home brewer. I enjoy hiking, exploring, mountain climbing, and cycling.

“This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people: they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance.”

-Philip K. Dick