Kaithel’s Song of the Pale Stone, part 1

Building this story here as sketches with the hopes to flesh it out more. Set in the Augur’s Lore: Song of the Pale Stone Universe. Part 1 The water bucket barely held together after years of use. Over time, the metal straps that enclosed the wooden planks had stretched and loosened, allowing water to leak […]


Bitchuka Black Mambo: Best World Music Album of 2015

I’m so pleased. Frank just told me that a recording project we did with some friends a while back was voted by DJs and listeners of Tallahassee’s FM station WVFS-89 (“V-89”) as “Best World Music Album of 2015.” It’s thrilling news, especially knowing that our project has been getting radio play back in Tanzania as well. […]

Ethnomediology Lore Notes

Foundation for Endangered Languages Conference Presentation

I just finished a conference held at Tulane University in New Orleans, sponsored by the Foundation for Endangered Languages. The conference theme at Tulane was “The Music of Endangered Languages,” and I spent time there speaking about topics related to my work in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is historically one of the largest […]

Ethnomediology Lore

Story Corps and the Great Thanksgiving Listen

I’ve said it many times: I love what Story Corps does. Ever since I first heard about their goals back in 2004, I’ve been inspired and impressed by the vision of their archive. Their new website is pretty great too. They even have an app for sharing stories; check it out here. And now they’re […]

Games Notes

No Man’s Sky Looks Incredible

After Sean Murray’s presentation at E3 2015, I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming game No Man’s Sky. This game looks to be one of the most amazing and influential open-world exploration and adventure games ever to exist in video game format. A nearly infinite number of choices with billions of stars in the […]


Breaking Ground on Horizons

Game play and strategic decision making in immersive settings allows players active access to creative storytelling and problem solving skills. What’s more is that the critical thinking utilized in the game world helps foster similar “outside-the-box” thinking in other areas of life. This is true of most any game, but in my experience this social […]

Ethnomediology Web Development

The FCC Votes to Classify the Internet as Title II

It’s still crazy to me thinking about how social interaction mediated through machines is so heavily regulated by business and government. I understand that the goal of regulating municipalities has its heart in the right place. But the issue with policies is that they are easily exploited by privilege and power, and are usually written in […]