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Augur’s Lore

“As long as people have been around there have been Augurs….” I got all my “rights reserved” ducks in a row for my RPG, Song of the Pale Stone. I’m pretty excited! Keep an eye on augurs-lore.com for more information… Read more →

Song of the Pale Stone

I’ve been working on a new campaign setting/fantasy world lately. I’m calling it “Song of the Pale Stone.” Figured I’d just stake my internet claim on that title concept. I am designing the setting to be a playable RPG, but… Read more →

Back to Basics

It looks like I’ll be able to be a part of my friend Paul’s tabletop game, titled The Demon Verge. I haven’t had a chance to roll some dice in a while, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity. To… Read more →

ACKS project press

I was delighted to read the following New York Times article this morning, in which Wizards of the Coast is in the planning stages of their envisioned reboot of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. You can read the article here.… Read more →

Forged Earth

My deep appreciation for the RIFTS settings and my affection for epic fantasy made love, got pregnant, and gave birth to a love-brainchild while I slept. I thought about developing some of these ideas into a campaign world, perhaps for… Read more →