Fiction is art; fiction is life.

Our reality is constructed literally; even though it is experience itself that actualizes reality, language facilitates an awareness of an experience’s form and allows it to be reified. Simply organizing words can evoke whole worlds into existence, and that is something I find incredibly creatively inspiring. The Cartesian divide between what is fiction and what is non-fiction continues to fascinate. All narrative is a fiction of sorts. The written word is a sort of fiction within a fiction, too down to the assumption of permanence that it still seems to inspire in contemporary society. I enjoy a good story, and I spend what time I can reading and writing, and sharing a bit of that here too.

“Fiction’s what it means to be a human being.” -David Foster Wallace

“Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies into meaning.” -Dorothy Allison


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I sketched this short a while back while waiting in an airport. “Hurry, they’re almost to the bridge! Val stood as close as they could bear the heat. The sweat was dripping so freely now that they could taste salt… Read more →