malleable narratives that embolden metaphor

There’s something about the way a story can be told in film space that is kind of like magic. I hope to continue to have opportunities to make film in my professional career. Documentary film is especially exciting for me; artists such as Werner Herzog and Errol Morris come to mind. SkabCover_My documentary film, Human Skab, co-directed/produced with Frank Gunderson, ran the film festivals circuit around the country during the 2012-2013 season. The film is about the reunion tour of the band called Human Skab, the brainchild of Travis Roberts as an eight-year old kid in 1986. We chronicled the reunion tour in late 2009. We recently distributed online with Snag Films, the distributors of Super Size Me and many other awesome films. Check us out there on the Snag Films website. The documentary project was a lot of hard work, and we had no budget to speak of, and we still managed to pull together a great film with a wonderful message. Check out the Human Skab website for more information on the film and the band. In addition to documentary film, I have a passion for fiction films of most genres. I try to keep up with the latest submissions, and am a fan of film festivals and movies from independent artists around the world.

“Film is the ultimate verbal art. It doesn’t give you what you desire; it tells you what to desire.”

—Slavoj Žižek


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