social interactivity involving an established set of rules

Like novels and film, games allow a progressing narrative, often involving characters, plot, conflict, tension, and resolution. But unlike novels and film, the medium of gaming provides players with active access to the characters’ decisions and the outcome of the plot; quite literally the reality of the game world depends upon choices that the player makes. This is awesome. Just as every culture of humans around the globe has some sort of language and some sort of musical interaction, people around the world play games for a variety of ritualistic reasons–to unwind, to teach a lesson, to tell a story, to imagine new possibilities. In the digital age games continue to embody our active access to fictional realities through time-honored traditional forms of play, as well as other, new technological means of exploring our abstract understanding. Since the mid-1980s I have continued to involve myself with games of many different types and genres: tabletop games, board games, video games, and more.

“All reality is a game. Physics at its most fundamental, the very fabric of our universe, results directly from the interaction of certain fairly simple rules, and chance; the same description may be applied to the best, most elegant and both intellectually and aesthetically satisfying games.”

–Iain Banks

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