A Day with the Dentist

The dentist’s office. Definitely an interesting place. I went there yesterday to have a consult concerning my wisdom teeth. I have five of them. That’s right: five. Anyway, I’ve got to get them all removed, because my other dentist (the one who cost me a lot of money) told me he’s not going to work on those teeth since they’re too far back. So, even though they’re all the way in, and straight, they have cavities, so it’s time for them to go. Also, they crowded my other teeth on their way in, but I suppose there’s nothing to do about that now.

The office staff are cordial, and it seems like I have to wait now to hear from them. They will check with my insurance agency to see what in my procedures will be covered, and get back to me with a figure. I hope it’s more than 50%, since the estimate they handed down was over $1900.

I finished assembling my exercise bike last night, a pretty decent machine I must say. Very quiet, fits in the living room, should be an active addition to my routine. Speaking of which, the week’s business has pulled me out of the norm, in fact, I’ve been out of routine since the trip up to NY for my Uncle Fred’s funeral. I took a picture today, so I’m planning to get back on track with daily photos.

Just outside my office window, a squirrel sat on a bench, and I thought, “Where’s my camera?” The little guy was just chilling out, relaxing, and staring at me in my little office world. I grabbed my camera, but I didn’t want to go right up to the office window; he might be scared off. So, I zoomed in to my camera’s optical max–20X–and snapped a shot. I touched up some of the light levels in photoshop, but I thought this wasn’t bad considering the backlight, the fact that it was through a large window, and that the camera was maxxed out.

The full pixel capture does have a lot of noise in it. You can see it here. I think that’s mostly due to the light exchange through the window. Still, it doesn’t detract from the photo overall when zoomed out; it actually functions more like a soft effect. I enjoyed taking this picture very much.

All in all, it’s been a busy week with little time for me to keep up with my normal activities, so today I need to dedicate myself to some work with transcripts and on the documentary project.

By Ruadhán

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I had the unfortunacy of not having insurance coverage for my wisdom teeth extraction. Of course, I only had four (like NORMAL people – tee hee). Anyway, when I was filing my taxes for that year, there was something that I could deduct if I had paid X amount of money for a dental procedure. I was $60 shy of that refund… maybe even $40. That sucked.

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