About Me

A portrait of Ruadhán from 2020

My name is Ruadhán (pronounced ROO-awn).

I am a queer ethnomusicologist, mediologist, digital creator, and genre theorist. My research interests are interdisciplinary and intersectional, and orbit around manifestations of dialogue and social interaction. In my work I explore music, media, and narrative through the lenses of intersectional feminism, anthropology, social ontology and social genre theory. My main areas of focus are digital media studies, representation, performance and dissemination (through community, archives, and technology), and Irish traditional music.

I am a vocal advocate for trans and queer liberation and for working to end gender oppression. I am a trans person invested in seeing a world without material or legal restrictions on people, their bodies, and their social relationships. Human rights should not be dictated or constrained by capitalism and white supremacy. LGBTQIA2S+ people should not be subject to inadequate healthcare, loss of jobs and housing, or violence from police and society simply because we exist. I believe that Black lives matter, trans lives matter, and that everyone has a stake in gender liberation.

I’m passionate about creativity and the power of narrative. This directly informs my interests in fiction and fiction theorygames and game theory, folklore, media archives, music festivals, and performance identity. I like to stay current with new digital technologies trends, advances in web development, and other types of social interaction mediated through machines.

A photo of Ruadhán and their partner Jaime (they/them), traveling by car

I love life, and I love sharing it with my partner, Jaime (they/them). I like intentional conversations, I like spending time with kind people, I enjoy playing Irish traditional tunes, I listen to and create underground electronic music, I like taking pictures of landscapes, I enjoy computer technologies, I read comics, I very much love films and film studies, and I like games.

RPGs are a longstanding passion of mine, and I’ve been either playing and/or running games regularly in various venues since 2005. I love active participation in story, and I enjoy the intricacies of world building, character building, and cooperative exploration. And I kind of love rolling dice! I love food in general and what people all over the world do with it; but mostly I love pizza. I also enjoy hiking, exploring, mountain climbing, and cycling. That’s pretty much me!

“I have no desire to be equal. I want to deconstruct the structural power of a system that marked me out as different. I don’t wish to be assimilated into the status quo. I want to be liberated from all the negative assumptions that my characteristics bring.”

Reni Eddo-Lodge