Ethnomediology Lore Notes

Foundation for Endangered Languages Conference Presentation

I just finished a conference held at Tulane University in New Orleans, sponsored by the Foundation for Endangered Languages. The conference theme at Tulane was “The Music of Endangered Languages,” and I spent time there speaking about topics related to my work in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is historically one of the largest […]

Web Development

Website Redesign for Ethnomusicologist Dale Olsen

Back in 2006-08, I served as the graduate assistant for Dale A. Olsen, Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology at Florida State University. During that time, among many things, I worked to help Dale begin a large overhaul of his web course, helped with grading, research, and other activities, and I also designed him a website. Dale […]


A priori

March came and went, and now I find myself defending my dissertation in four days. It’s been a long road, since first coming here in 2004, and a lot of crazy shit has happened, but I’m finally graduating, finally finishing this educational path. It certainly has solidified this ethno-type of work as something I greatly […]