What I do

My Research

An image of an ancient and epic-looking tree, serving as a metaphor for dialogical interaction.

I am a critical theorist and ethnomediologist exploring media, narratives, expression, and power in the digital age through the intersections of mediology, queer theory, social anthropology, and social genre theory.

The core of my work is dialogical. Much of my work is inspired by a Bakhtinian dialogic philosophy. Bakhtin wrote, “Truth is not born nor is it found inside the head of an individual person; it [emerges] between people collectively searching for [their] truth, in the process of their [own] dialogic interaction” (Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics, p. 110). I think that’s pretty inspirational.

Through this dialogical lens in my work, I endeavor to confront and interrogate the authoritative assumptions and conventions of scholarship as they have historically been embedded in white supremacy and Eurocentric ideology. I reject the misguided presumption that “study,” as it has been colonized, must be funneled or imagined through accredited institutions entrenched in European exceptionalism and global capitalism. It is my goal to dismantle such normalized power structures and assumptions in academic narratives, working toward racial, disability, and gender justice.

Particularly within the academy itself I am inspired to explore new ways of knowing accessible through digital technologies. I am interested in amplifying historically erased and excluded ways of knowing and re-examining conventional methodologies through a decolonial lens. My dialogical work also centers on conversation and relationship-building as a core method. De-centering the scholar’s singular authorial voice is a key way open space for new ways of knowing, which values participation over conclusion. Narrative framing has immense power to shape cultural expectations, and so much of my work focuses on the ways we imagine and create narrative texts in various media.

My Organizing Work

An image showing the logo for the Coalition Against Gender Oppression.

I have recently started building the Coalition Against Gender Oppression (C.A.G.O.) as a part of my work as a lead organizer with Hometown Action. C.A.G.O. is a Hometown Action liberation campaign to end gender oppression through relationship-building and political education articulating the shared stake all people have in deconstructing the gender binary and building a regular practice centered in gender equity and liberation.

My Creative Work

An image depicting the Augur’s Lore game sigil.

My research method and political philosophy extends into all my work, especially my creative work. In addition to my research and publications, I dedicate time to writing comprehensive creative fiction, primarily for the various settings I designed for Augur’s Lore, the tabletop roleplaying game I designed. There are currently three settings in various stages of development for Augur’s Lore games. I enjoy the intricate and compelling characterization accessible in these game worlds, and I have spent several years immersed in world building, language building, map making, and game plotting.

Augur’s Lore games are inspired by old school gaming and procedural generation, which facilitates immersive, gritty, and infinitely expandable settings and stories. Each game is designed for 2-8 players using polyhedral gaming dice and their imagination to realize an expansive adventure. Mechanically Augur’s Lore is the culmination of my passion for games and rolling dice, and inspired by my sense of how OSR games need a bit of tweaking. The world settings are inspired by my own experiences of wanting more inclusive contexts with more possibilities for characters to solve conflicts than simply resorting to combat. Lately, I have been thinking about offering GM workshops and other game playing and narrating resources to beginner and intermediate-level players.

An image depicting the OP-1 digital synthesizer, by Teenage Engineering.

My creative work extends beyond writing into music, performance, and digital art. I studied electronic music in undergraduate college, and have continued to dedicate much of my musical work to sound synthesis through various electronic projects. Recently, my focus has been on creating with my OP-1, a beautiful little digital synthesizer workstation with an onboard sampler, equalizer, and 4 track recorder. I talk about that and other music interests over on my music page.

Much of my other creative work aligns with my interests, which you can explore in other parts of this site.